Tattoo Shops Near Me in Elizabeth, NJ

tattoo shops near me elizabeth nj

Tattoo Shops Near Me in Elizabeth, NJ 2023

Tattoo Shops Near Me in Elizabeth, NJ: When searching for tattoo shops near me in Elizabeth NJ, there are plenty of choices to choose from. From trendy locations in Manhattan to laid-back artistic spots in Brooklyn, there’s a tattoo parlor perfect for everyone!

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Electric Anvil Tattoo

Are you searching for a traditional tattoo or something unique, Electric Anvil Tattoo is one of the top tattoo shops near me in Elizabeth NJ. Their artists boast decades of experience and offer various styles such as Japanese, American traditional, and clean lines.

Vicki Rose, Kristen Januszewski and Logan Wright from the studio strive to ensure you are pleased with your design. Additionally, they provide consultations before you get your tattoo to ensure you select the ideal design for your skin type and aesthetic.

This shop is renowned for its exceptional customer service, superior artwork and competitive prices. Its artists create custom designs in a range of styles such as Japanese, modern and American traditional. Open every day except Sundays, walk-ins are welcome for tattoos and piercings.

Hand of Glory Tattoo has been around since 2000 and boasts an adoring fan base. Their artists are highly talented, capable of doing anything from fine line tattoos to photorealistic black, gray and color work – not forgetting different styles such as Japanese or surrealism!

This establishment boasts friendly, helpful staff in a comfortable atmosphere that encourages relaxation. They host art exhibitions from renowned artists and will work with you to find the ideal design.

This tattoo shop near me in Elizabeth JC is renowned for its excellent customer service and high-quality work. Its two main artists, Christian Zink and Caroline Wild, are masters of their craft with specialization in photorealistic tattoos and lettering. Additionally, they frequently host international artists to their studio, keeping it busy all the time.

This shop provides an exceptional tattooing experience for its customers, with a “get what you get” tattoo machine that randomly picks your design. Pay $100 and insert the token into the machine, and voila! A customized tattoo designed just for you! This deal is ideal for those new to the process who want to give it a try.

Fineline Tattoo

Fineline Tattoo is the premier tattoo parlor with an impressive roster of experienced professionals. Their state-of-the-art studio features a sleek setup, clean & organized waiting area and the latest technological gadgets. Book your next appointment with them today for the best experience possible! Their latest addition is a laser piercing machine, which safely and effectively removes body hairs without damaging your skin or scarring follicles in the process. Their website is filled with detailed information on their services and offerings, making booking an appointment online a breeze. Owned and operated by Caroline Ann Evans since 2006, Fineline Tattoo is the brainchild of this tattoo enthusiast who travels frequently. She describes herself as someone with an eye for the surreal that will keep her up to date on everything related to tattooing.

Electric Lotus Tattoo

If you’re searching for a tattoo shop near me in Elizabeth, NJ, Electric Lotus Tattoo is the place to visit. Situated in Brooklyn, New York, their team of professional artists can assist with getting the ideal piece. Whether it’s traditional artwork or something more contemporary, Electric Lotus Tattoo has it all.

Jae Connor, the owner of Electric Lotus Tattoo, has been in the tattoo artist business since 1993 and opened his own shop in Boonton in 2000 before moving it to Brooklyn a few years later at 692 Fulton Street in Fort Greene. His staff includes Don Perdue and Danielle Thoma who both work full-time as full-time tattoo artists; plus they recently hired their first apprentice Brian Marsman who’s been trained for six months now and ready to start tattooing customers this April! Additionally, Electric Lotus Tattoo also provides piercing services on site too! For more information or to book an appointment, visit their website today!

tattoo shops near me gainesville fl

Tattoo Shops Near Me Gainesville Fl

Bodytech Tattooing & Piercing is one of the premier tattoo shops near me Gainesville FL. They offer premium body piercings, custom tattoos and jewelry. Plus they offer laser tattoo removal – a safe and efficient process with fewer side effects than other removal methods. Visit their website to learn more!

1. Bodytech Tattooing & Piercing

If you’re searching for the finest tattoo or piercing experience in North Central Florida, Bodytech is your perfect destination. Their team of experienced artists are more than happy to assist with getting you the newest and most fashionable design on your body. Plus, with a vast selection of pre-drawn tattoos and tats available, there’s no limit on what style can be chosen!

Bodytech has been around for 18 years and remains one of the oldest continuously running shops in the state of North Dakota. They also boast some of the best customer service in town, so you can rest assured knowing they will look out for your needs.

This shop has long been a leader in the tattoo community and they’re constantly striving to improve their service for customers. They use only top-of-the-line ink and equipment, plus are renowned for their friendly staff. If you’re searching for an unforgettable sexy sleeve experience at an unbeatable price point, stop by their website which features free quote pages for future sexy sleeves as well as being one of Florida’s leading providers for mobile services.

2. The Art of Tattooing

Tattoos have a long and colorful history. Originally worn by sailors, convicts, and sideshow acts, the art of body adornment has made its way into mainstream culture through a recent tattoo renaissance.

Tattoos have long been associated with the lower classes, but they were actually a staple of royalty and high society for centuries. Estimates suggest that as many as one out of every five members of the gentry had their arms inked during the 19th century.

Tattooed designs on some of the earliest known mummies around the world date back at least 5,000 years, suggesting that tattooing has been practiced for at least that long. Ancient Scythian and Egyptian mummies with their iconic tattoos serve as reminders that this practice dates back thousands of years – serving as markers of social status.

It is possible that a particular pattern on women’s skin was designed to protect them during childbirth. This theory was further supported when an ancient tattooed mummy found in a burial mound on the Ukok plateau during the 1990s featured an intricate curvilinear design on her body, similar to bead nets.

In Thailand, Yantra tattooing was a longstanding symbol of good fortune and protection. This ancient animistic art became closely connected to Hindu and Buddhist rituals.

If you are thinking of pursuing a career in tattooing, it is wise to get some formal training at either college or university. This will give you an in-depth knowledge of design principles and how to craft art that looks beautiful on humans.

Another way to gain experience is by taking art classes at your local community college. These classes are affordable and provide an introduction to basic design principles.

Once you have a strong foundation in tattooing, it is essential to have a portfolio that showcases your abilities as an artist. This should include both drawings and tattoos.

Showcase your versatility as an artist by including work that you have created in both black and grey, as well as vibrant hues. Doing this will showcase how well you can translate an idea from one medium to another.

3. The Ink Studio

The Ink Studio is a destination for tattoo enthusiasts. It also welcomes those who have never had a tattoo before and would like to experience it for the first time.

This studio provides a vast array of designs which can be tailored to the client’s individual needs and specifications. They are proficient in many styles and have an impressive portfolio on their website. Furthermore, they use disposable needles and equipment for maximum safety when tattooing clients’ skins.

They specialize in styles such as American traditional (characterized by heavy strokes), Japanese traditional or “irezumi,” black and gray, and new school. Furthermore, they provide cover-ups and repair services.

The studio also provides high-quality piercings and body jewelry to complete the procedure. Their most popular piercings include facial, dermal, and exotic options. Plus they provide comfortable tattoos and jewelry in a relaxing environment.

Miss Heidi’s Tattoo in Gainesville boasts some of the area’s finest artists. The owner is an accomplished tattooist with over two decades of experience under her belt.

She offers a unique style that can be tailored to suit your requirements. She specializes in neo-traditional color, dot work and mandalas as well as portraiture, realism and fantasy art forms.

Her most sought-after tattoos include whimsical flowers, Lucky Strike cigarettes packages, sunsets on the beach and an exasperated crocodile’s head. She is an accomplished professional artist and proud member of Gainesville’s local community.

The Ink Studio is a tattoo shop open seven days a week. They also have a lounge that makes customers feel at home and helps to relax them. There’s a fireplace, free drinks, and TV to watch if you need to take your mind off the pain.

They welcome walk-ins on a first come basis and serve them on a first come basis, though we recommend booking an appointment beforehand. Their online booking system is user friendly and they offer discounts to Universal Technical Institute and Motorcycle Mechanics Institute students and employees with valid IDs.

4. The Tattoo Shop

Gainesville boasts an abundance of tattoo shops due to its large college town population of young adults. Many can be found along University Avenue between the university campus and downtown area.

The Tattoo Shop in the Sun (aka The Body) has been a well-known destination among locals and tourists for over three decades. Their team of talented artists will create an eye-catching tattoo or piercing for you and your loved ones that will last a lifetime.

No wonder this shop is the go-to choice among residents and visitors to our state’s happiest place on earth. Their talented staff offers a range of services from simple body piercings to the most intricate tattoo designs.

With the right equipment and some creativity, The Tattoo Shop in the Sun can transform your next project into something truly remarkable.

Experience a unique and lasting memory by visiting this quaint tattoo parlor.

This luxurious studio specializes in both traditional and modern designs for men and women alike. With the latest laser technology, they have achieved exceptional precision with their work.

The Tattoo Shop in the Sun boasts an experienced and talented staff, making it a must-stop when visiting Gainesville.

tattoo shops near me gainesville ga

Tattoo Shops Near Me in Gainesville, GA

Tattoos are an excellent way to express yourself. Whether you want a new piece of artwork or cover up an old one, Gainesville GA tattoo shops have what you need.

Henna tattoo artists add a vibrant touch to any event! Browse GigSalad for the top Gainesville GA henna tattoo artists for your wedding, birthday party, or bachelorette party.

1. New Vision Tattooing

New Vision Tattooing is one of the premier tattoo parlors in Gainesville, GA. With one location that specializes in body art – from basic piercings to complex designs – they have something for everyone. Plus, they offer custom designs for those wanting something truly unique. Located at 107 Washington Street NE in Gainesville, GA 30501, their services can be enjoyed by those near or far.

They accept cash, credit cards and check. New Vision Tattooing also has gift cards available for those interested in getting a tattoo that can be used at New Vision Tattooing or elsewhere. You can send these via email, SMS* or mail and they come complete with a personalized card.

On April 13-14, the shop is hosting an event featuring $13 tattoos on Friday and $13 piercings on Saturday and Sunday. These designs can be applied to both arms and legs; flash sheets for these designs will be displayed when they open their doors on Friday. Plus, there’s a discount offered on everything in the store – including clothing items as well as tattoo gift certificates!

2. Arte Tattoo Studios

Arte Tattoo Studios is a local shop that provides various tattoo services. Their artists are experts in this field and can create some breathtaking art on your skin. Additionally, they have an impressive selection of henna tattoos to commemorate any special event – whether you’re planning your wedding or hosting a bachelorette party – these henna tattoo artists will make sure your event stands out amongst everyone else’s.

Arte Tattoo Studios is a small tattoo shop that has earned numerous positive reviews from customers. Their website contains an impressive array of information about their business, such as galleries of work and services they provide. Plus, there’s an impressive selection of supplies and equipment too. Arte Tattoo Studios stands out for offering quality products at competitive prices with excellent customer service to match. If you’re searching for a Gainesville area tattoo shop, be sure to explore their website for more details before calling them to set up an appointment!

3. Gold City Tattoo Co.

Gold City Tattoo Co. is one of the top tattoo shops near me in Gainesville and features some of the best artists around. Open Monday through Friday, they offer discounts and deals on their website and social media. Plus, this Friday the 13th, they’re participating in Thrillist Flash Sale with over 100 unique designs for $50! Plus, there will be $13 tattoos and basic piercings all day long!

Don’t forget to get the perfect gift certificate for the one you care about! We have a wide range of cards designed with any budget in mind.

Stay tuned to our Facebook page for the latest updates and events! We are always adding new activities to the calendar, so be sure to visit often – you won’t regret it.

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