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acid cigars review

Acid Cigars Review

Acid Cigars Review 2023: ACID cigars are uniquely flavored with 150 herbs, botanicals and essential oils for an exotic experience that appeals to cigar connoisseurs worldwide.

Jonathan Drew created ACID as a response to a new generation of tobacco-free cigar smokers looking for something different. Renowned for its zesty, sweet flavors and effortless draws, ACID remains popular twenty years later.

ACID Blue Kuba Kuba

ACID Blue Kuba is one of the best-selling infused cigars in the Acid line. Crafted with a Sumatra wrapper over Nicaraguan long-filler tobaccos, this smooth smoke has been infused with an exclusive blend of herbs and botanicals that give it an unforgettable flavor and aroma.

These delicious infused cigars are hand-crafted at Drew Estate’s La Gran Fabrica factory in Nicaragua using only premium tobaccos and over 140 botanicals and herbs to create unique flavors and aromas. Each cigar is meticulously hand-crafted with precision, using co-founder Jonathan Drew’s specialized blends for an unforgettable experience you won’t soon forget!

This ACID cigar is ideal for smokers seeking something out of the ordinary. Crafted with modern cigar lovers in mind, these ACID-infused cigarettes provide a captivating smoking experience that engages all senses.

Enjoy a sweet infusion that begins even before you light this ACID cigar, filling your mouth with flavorful and aromatic vapor as soon as it hits ash. Enjoy the sweetness as it blends perfectly with premium Nicaraguan long-filler and wrapper to deliver an unparalleled experience that will have you coming back for more.

As you continue to smoke, floral notes begin to emerge and hints of leather and cedar are prevalent throughout the entire mellow to medium-bodied profile. A subtle citrus fruitiness also comes through as you exhale, further adding to this cigar’s unique flavor profile.

On this mild to medium-bodied cigar, you’ll taste a subtle sweetness throughout the entire cigar. The spicy notes can be strong at this point but remain pleasant and won’t overwhelm those who aren’t used to more intense cigars.

People familiar with flavored cigars know that they typically don’t benefit from ageing, so to get the most out of your infused tobaccos it is best to smoke them immediately after purchase – particularly for flavors such as ACID.


Acids are chemical compounds with hydrogen as one of their building blocks. When acidic substances like water, aqueous solutions of acids, and foodstuffs react with other elements they can break down to form hydrogen and oxygen gases. This process is controlled through balance processes in the lungs, blood, and kidneys.

Acids contain hydrogen as well as an oxidation state, or the capacity to give off electrons. This property allows them to neutralize other chemical agents like bases and make them simpler to break down into simpler constituents.

Drew Estate’s ACID Roam is one of the most beloved cigars, offering a smooth Connecticut smoke with subtle notes of cherry, cream, cedar and wood. Aged for six months in oak barrels, this cigar develops an exquisite flavor profile and even burning construction.

ACID Roam’s unique flavor and aroma are both thanks to its aging process. Tanned tobaccos, sweet notes, and hints of vanilla make this blend a favorite among new cigar smokers.

The ACID 20 Robusto cigar offers mild to medium strength with a smooth, medium body. It boasts a Mexican San Andres wrapper with Indonesian binder and all Nicaraguan fillers.

From the outset, it was evident that this cigar had an abundance of sweetness. Thankfully, this did not detract from the overall experience as primary notes of coffee and mocha remained present. These combined with licorice, earth, and cap sweetness for an exquisite smoking experience.

As the smoke built, I noticed some white pepper in the background. Although not overwhelming, it added an aromatic layer that needed some spice on top.

Though flavor presentation wasn’t particularly different in the initial third of the cigar, it did begin to wane somewhat during its second half. Artificial sweetness had started to linger on the tongue alongside some wood bitterness.

The ACID One offers a refreshing change from the classic cigars in the ACID line. This non-aromatic blend combines wine-cured Nicaraguan tobaccos with an African Cameroon wrapper to create an amazingly enjoyable smoking experience. Perfect for those who prefer non-aromatic cigars but still want the high quality Drew Estate product, the ACID One makes for an enjoyable smoke.

ACID Fiery Red

ACID by Drew Estate is one of the world’s most beloved infused cigars. Through a special infusion process, Jonathan Drew takes traditional cigars made with superior aged tobaccos and delicately infuses them with premium oils, herbs, and botanicals for an unparalleled flavor experience.

Acid cigars offer an exceptional experience with their unique infusions of flavor profiles and captivating aromas. Since 1999, Acid has developed a passionate following within the cigar industry for their innovation and advancements.

Acid Cigars are handmade at the esteemed Drew Estate factory in Nicaragua with an exquisite array of flavors and aromatics. To achieve these exquisite blends, the Acids undergo curing in an aromatic room lined with over two hundred different herbs and oils for an enchanting aromatherapy experience.

These smokes are full-bodied, possess an intensely complex flavor with multiple layers, as well as being highly aromatic – making them a pleasure to smoke.

The ACID Fiery Red is a smooth, light Connecticut wrapper cigar featuring the aromas of sweet vanilla and oak, along with rich, creamy notes of chocolate and nuts. Offering full body and medium to full flavors, this full-bodied smoke can be enjoyed by smokers of all tastes and preferences.

ACID Fiery Red is an ideal smoke for when you want a quick break from your normal routine. Its flavor and aroma are delightful, with notes of licorice and sugar before transitioning into cocoa flavor with natural tobacco notes and herbal spices.

Overall, the ACID Fiery Red has an incredible flavor and a well-balanced finish that leaves you wanting more. It truly ranks among my top favorites when it comes to infused cigars.

ACID Fiery Red stands out among most infused cigars due to its perfect balance between tobacco strength and infusion. Typically, the infusion can be so potent that it overwhelms the flavor profile, taking over completely; however, with ACID Fiery Red you get just the right amount of both!

ACID also offers an impressive selection of liquid cigars that are slightly smaller than their standard-sized cigars. These lighter options are perfect when you want something lighter or want to trim back on some fat intake. These smooth smoking liquid cigars come in various sizes and should not be missed by anyone who appreciates ACID flavors but wants something a bit lighter!

ACID Plush

ACID Plush is another stunning addition to the Acid Purple line, providing a sweet infusion with just enough ease so that the earthy character of Nicaraguan binder and filler tobaccos can shine through. This robusto-sized blend is rolled in an intensely satisfying Connecticut Broadleaf Maduro wrapper for an intensely satisfying hour or so of smoking bliss.

This exotic cigar is a must-try for cigar connoisseurs. Crafted with premium tobaccos, botanicals, herbs and essential oils in an exclusive floral formula that sets this cigar apart.

These exquisite smokes are hand-rolled at the esteemed Drew Estate factory in Esteli, Nicaragua from some of the finest long-filler tobaccos on Earth. After being infused with an exclusive infusion process to bring out their intense and complex aromas, these cigarettes become legendary worldwide.

You’ll experience an array of rich flavors like coffee, cocoa, dark berries and spice in this delightful cigar. While it may not be as sweet as other ACID varieties, this medium-bodied blend offers an array of complex textures and tastes that will have you coming back for more.

In 1999, The Acid line of flavor-infused cigars made its debut and quickly gained a following among cigar connoisseurs worldwide. These unique blends offer an exceptional herbal and aromatic taste that is unlike anything else on the market today.

Jonathan Drew and Marvin Samuel founded this wildly popular line of cigars in the late 90s after becoming fascinated by cigars during their college days. To pursue their passion, these two college students decided to create their own line.

At a remote, temple-like factory that only few are allowed to enter, an elite team of blenders carefully blend ultrasecret herbs and essential oils with premium long-filler tobaccos for an unmistakably unique taste and aroma. Each ACID is truly one-of-a kind!

ACID’s secret infusion process uses more than 150 herbs and essential oils, allowing the flavors of their cigars to shine through. They have perfected Cuban-style cigar rolling techniques so this blend is sure to please even experienced smokers.

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